KBC Lottery No 8991

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kbc lottery no 8991

Dear Lovers of KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) 2016/2017 if You Receive Any Fake Call Related KBC Lottery 2016,and Receive Lottery Number Like 8991,89915,89914,89910,899121,89917,50718094,00786 etc and Caller Says To You are Winners of KBC,KBC Lottery 2017,KBC Lottery Winners,KBC Lottery Winner,KBC Lottery Winner 2017,KBC Lottery Winners 2017,KBC Lucky Draw 2017,KBC Lucky Draw,KBC Winners List,KBC Winner List,KBC Winners List 2017,KBC Winner List 2017,KBC Winner List 2016,KBC Winners List 2016,KBC Lottery Scheme of 2017,KBC Lottery Vijeta 2017,KBC Lottery Vijeta 2016,KBC Lucky Winner 2017,KBC Lucky Winner 2016,Idea Lottery 2017,Idea Lottery 2016,Idea Lottery Winner 2017,Idea Lottery Winner 2016,Idea Lucky Draw 2017,Idea Lucky Draw 2016,Airtel Lottery,Airtel Lottery 2016,Airtel Lottery 2017,Airtel Lottery Winner 2017,Airtel Lottery 25 Lakh,Airtel Lucky Draw 2017,Airtel Lucky Draw 2016,Vodafone Lottery,Vodafone Lottery Winners,Vodafone Lottery 2017,Vodafone Lottery 2016,Vodafone Lottery Winners of 2017,Vodafone Lucky Draw 2017,Vodafone Lucky Draw Winner 2017,Aircel Lottery 2017,Aircel Lucky Draw 2017,Aircel Lottery 25 Lakh,Airtel 25 Lakh Winner 2017,Tatadocomo Lottery,Tatadocomo Lottery 2017,Tatadocomo Lottery Winners 2017,Uninor Lottery,Uninor Lottery Winner 2017,Uninor Lottery Winners of 2017,Reliance Lottery 2017,Reliance Lottery Winner 2017,Reliance Lucky Draw 2017.Then Firstly Confirm This Information is True or Fake Callers.Thanks.

KBC Main Head Office Mumbai: 0019188444482.

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Dear KBC Lucky Draw Winners of 2017.

  • Your security is most important for us.
  • To prevent you from KBC Lottery fake callers please follow company's following rules.
  • If you receive any call from KBC Lottery, please confirm it from KBC customer care center.
  • On any TAX or charges demand to call to KBC customer.
  • If someone asks for Bank Account A/C number, call to KBC main head office.
  • These People Doing Fraud on the name of KBC.
  • For Any Information Please Call at Head office number 0019188444482.

kbc lottery no 89915

kbc lottery number 8991


Dear customer if u receive any fake call about lottery KBC lottery winner then firstly confirm that's true are not Today you are receiving a lot of fake calls about KBC lottery winners.Dear Customer if you receive any call from unknown Number's and receive lottery number/lucky number then firstly confirm our main head office Number's if you late then it's harmful to you and your family.

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